Do Home Remedies Work for Quick Relief from Asthma

Asthmatics know full well that there is a need for quick relief asthma strategies so that whenever an attack sets in and medication is not available, their health would not be jeopardized.

Quick Relief Asthma Medications

It’s best to have these medications on hand, for quick relief from asthma attack:

  • Inhalers that contain beta-2 agonist; and
  • Ipratropium which is an anticholinergic medication that treats pulmonary diseases.

Home Remedies for Quick Relief from Asthma

There are also natural home remedies that are readily available from one’s kitchen. Asthma patients may do the following procedures for asthma relief:

  • Drinking strong coffee. Just two cups of steaming hot coffee would immediately alleviate asthma symptoms because caffeine relaxes the bronchial muscles, and dissolves the mucus that blocks respiration.
  • Inhaling the aroma of honey. Patients must put a jug of honey directly under the nose so that the sweet fragrance will effectively act as a relaxant and expectorant.
  • Breathing in steam. Steam helps clear the respiratory passage, so that it’s effective to use steam in emergency asthma situations. Patients could either use steam from the shower or from boiling some water and pouring it into a bowl, all the while inhaling the steam.
  • Drinking water mixed with honey or licorice roots. This relaxes the airway passage and helps make breathing easier.
  • Mixing two tablespoons of Spiegel seeds with a glass of warm water.
  • Chewing some fennel, a plant with yellow flowers and feathery leaves will help clear the airway passage.

Patients must note though, that these quick remedies do not intend to replace conventional asthma medications. Their only purpose is to provide temporary relief and rescue from asthma attacks.

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