Symptoms and Home Remedies for Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs)

Sexually Transmitted diseases are a global problem and affect individuals of different social and economic strata. Prevalence studies show that stds are common, especially in the third world where the level of awareness related to the condition is fairly low. Unsafe sexual practice is one of the primary factors responsible for transmission of stds in the third world

Symptoms for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The symptoms associated with STD would vary depending upon the type of sexually transmitted disease affecting an individual.

  • Gonorrhea: A common sexually transmitted disease, gonorrhea is associated with tingling sensation during urination along with a pus-like discharge from the genitals. The condition is very painful and tends to deteriorate with time. The incubation period may differ for male and female patients and tend to deteriorate if the condition is not treated effectively
  • Syphilis: This condition is more severe than gonorrhea but may manifest in a similar format. In addition to the symptoms of gonorrhea, individuals with untreated syphilis may develop ulceration around the genital organs.
  • HIV: HIV is another sexually transmitted disease, which results in suppression of the immune system. The incubation period for this disease may range from two to eight years and the symptoms include generalized weakness, debility, ulcers in the mouth and anus and susceptibility to opportunitistic infections like Tuberculosis and candidiasis.
  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C is also a sexually transmitted disease which affects the liver and may result in jaundice like symptoms

How to test for STDs

There are different tests that can be used for the diagnosis of different types of sexually transmitted diseases. It is recommended that sexually active individuals and individuals with multiple sexual partners should get tested for stds at least once in six months. The tests for diagnosis of stds include,

  • Western blot and Elisa are common tests that are used for the diagnosis of STDs namely syphilis and HIV
  • Liver profile is essential for diagnosis of Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C infections
  • Immunoassay studies are often use to diagnose some of the sexually transmitted diseases, though clinical presentations often points towards the nature of sexually transmitted disease

All the aforementioned tests are blood tests, though occasionally urine tests or swabs may be used to identify the bacterial infection.

Home Remedies for STDs

Prevention is better than cure and hence using condoms is recommended during sexual intercourse, which is considered to be 98% protective against the transmission of STDs. However there are certain home remedies that have found to provide beneficial results

  • Garlic is considered to be effective in treatment of STDs. The antiviral and antiseptic properties of garlic help clear the system of infection. Further garlic also promotes natural healing process
  • Cranberry juice is also known to have strong anti bacterial properties and is used often for infections affecting the urinary tract. Further cranberry juice helps in alleviating pain and irritation affecting the person
  • Yogurt is also considered beneficial in management of STDs. Yogurt helps restore the pH balance in the body and helps fight bacterial infections.

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