What are the Home Remedies for Sweaty Armpits

There are several ways to eliminate excessive underarm sweat, to prevent further discomfort of instances that would cause embarrassment.

Home Remedies for Sweaty Armpits

  • The camphor’s astringent properties can provide relief for sweaty armpits. To make a special solution, mix powdered camphor with water and apply it under the arms.
  • At night, apply lime juice or apple cider vinegar, and then let it stay while sleeping.
    Wash them off while showering in the morning.
  • Juice of the turnip can be an effective tool to stop sweating, and helps reduce any foul smell that is emitted from the perspiration.
  • Baking soda can be dusted under the arms to kill any bacteria as it absorbs the sweat.

Tips for Sweaty Armpits

  • Make sure that the deodorant being used contains alum, which can control the sweating. The raw powdered alum can be rubbed directly on the armpits as well.
  • Cotton apparel is more relaxing to the skin, allowing it to breathe evenly. It also causes less irritation and absorbs sweat.
  • For a more tranquil mental state, try relaxation techniques like acupuncture and yoga to stay calm and avoid anxieties that cause sweating.
  • Keep to the daily rule of drinking 8 glasses of water so that the body is well-hydrated.
  • Take bath twice a day if it helps one to relax and feel fresh, especially during the hot summer. Soaps with antibacterial properties can be an aid to controlling underarm sweat.
  • Some people have found taking wheat grass supplement as another way to control excessive perspiration under the arms.

Simple Solutions for Sweaty Armpit

  • Necessary lifestyle changes, specifically on the diet, must be implemented. If spicy dishes are a staple in one’s daily intake, start to eliminate it from the diet. Stick to more natural foods that are rich in fiber to help get rid of the toxins.
  • Doing exercise can help solve the problem of sweaty armpits. It can reinforce the sweat glands to function at the correct time, so controlling it won’t be bothersome anymore.
  • Laser surgery is now used as treatment for underarm sweating. It requires local anesthetics and may be expensive.
  • Another procedure with a costly price is botox injection. If too much sweating is making an impact on the daily regimen, injections can provide temporary relief of up to six months.
  • Excessive sweating can be hereditary. Consult a doctor to check if the family’s medical history can provide more information on the sweaty armpits, so that a proper course of treatment can be recommended.

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