Home Remedies to get Skin Tanned Naturally

Sun tanning is a process of deliberate exposure to the sun in order to get a darker skin. Tanning the skin has been in fashion for several years, especially among Europeans who tend to admire a tint of redness in their skin. Sun tanning is one of the best and natural ways of getting a tanned skin; however overexposure increases the risk of sun burns.

There is considerable amount of controversy over the fact that prolong exposure to sun or sun tanning can result in development of skin cancer, due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Home Remedies to get Tan Skin

The important part of skin tanning is that it needs to be even and mild. Inappropriate techniques of sun tanning can result in skin tan which is neither subtle nor uniform and can do more damage to your skin. Here is a simple technique,

  • It is crucial to remember that UV radiations are highest during the noon and hence it is recommended that sun tanning should be done either in the morning before 11 am or towards to later part of the afternoon after 4 pm.
    During this time the possibility of exposure to UV radiation is the lowest.
  • Lie down on the beach or your lawn with your face up for about 15 minutes. Ensure that you have a timer or a stop watch at your disposal to ensure the amount of time of exposure. Turn over after 15 minutes and tan the back of your body.
  • Get back to your room and take a bath with warm water. Alternatively if you want to continue outdoor, it is recommended that you apply SPF 10 before going outdoors. This is crucial as it is important to protect skin from over-exposure and also maintain a healthy tan on the skin. In case you continue to remain indoors apply baby oil or moisturizer on the skin, which ensures a uniform tan on the skin.
  • In case you observe excessive tanning of any part of the body, apply sliced raw potato on that part of the body and rub gently. This can help reduce the tan and normalize the skin tone.

How to get Tan Skin Naturally

Tan skin can look beautiful and attractive. Further tanning has other beneficial effects namely exposure to sun increases the production of Vitamin D, which is beneficial for the bones and calcification. However moderate exposure to the sun is recommended while getting tanned. Exposure to sun increases the levels of melanin in the skin which is responsible for the dark tone of the skin. Melaninin plays a crucial role in protecting the skin for ultraviolet radiations and hence is beneficial for skin protection.

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