Causes of Gastritis and Home Remedies for Treatment

Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach. The mucus membrane lining of the stomach gets irritated and swollen due to a host of reasons. The condition is characterized by nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain and discomfort. Here is an overview of the condition.

Home Remedies for Gastritis

  • Ginger: ginger is an excellent herb / root to treat most gastrointestinal disorders.
    It alleviates practically all the complaints associated with gastritis. Compounds called gingerols are found in abundance in the root. Gingerols are anti inflammatory agents that ease out the inflammatory process. Consequently, they help manage the inflammation and swelling, pain and nausea effectively. Boil about 1 inch of grated ginger root in water, for 15 minutes, drink this ginger tea, at least 3 times everyday for 1 week. It helps the stomach settle down.
  • Mint: mint is the best carminative and digestive.
    It soothes the inflamed lining of the stomach and ameliorates the pains and cramps. It is a spasmolytic that helps get rid of the cramps and colic successfully. Boil about 10 leaves of the herb in water and consume this decoction 3 times everyday.
  • Carrot: carrot soup is recommended for gastritis. Carrots have a decidedly beneficial action of the mucus lining. It allays the inflammation and agitation speedily, fights infection rapidly, and importantly builds the boy’s immune and defense system too. Have 1 bowl of carrot soup daily.

Foods for Gastritis

  • It is every essential that you watch what you eat during the period of infection and inflammation, and about a fortnight after.
  • Do not stay hurry for long periods of time.
  • Avoid spicy and pungent foods.
  • Eliminate fatty and greasy foods from the diet.
  • Include lots of fluids in the daily diet: herbal teas, milk, buttermilk, coconut water, juices and soups. Barley water and oats water is highly nutritious and easy to digest.
  • To make sure that the bowel movement is good, have 3 dry figs every night before bed. It reduces the chance of developing constipation and makes elimination easy.
  • In case of diarrhea, have poached apples daily.
  • Have lightly cooked and spiced foods; frequent, small meals through the day are recommended.

Causes of Gastritis

The common cause for inflammation of the stomach is infection. Bacterial infection tends to agitate the lining of the stomach and cause acute discomfort. The E. coli bacterium has been identified in most cases of inflammation and infection. Food poisoning is a common reason. Unchecked and neglected acidity of long standing is another significant cause of gastritis. Dietary errors must be corrected promptly to ensure rapid healing.

Symptoms of Gastritis

Commonly seen clinical features and symptoms of gastritis are:

  • The patient complains of abdominal pain and discomfort
  • There may be episodes of crampy, colicky pains.
  • Nausea and vomiting are important associated features.
  • Flatulence and abdominal bloating is seen too.
  • Bowel movement will also get affected.

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