Home Remedies to Stop Gynecomastia or Male Breast Without Surgery

Gynecomastia is a condition experienced by men where they have an excessive growth of breast tissue.

  • The condition can be brought on by a number of things including obesity and genetics.
  • It can also be due to certain medications that an individual may be taking.
  • It can be an embarrassing condition and many teens who have it are experiencing emotional distress because of it.
  • There are a number of ways that this condition can be treated.

How to Treat Gynecomastia Without Surgery

  • Surgery – This is one of the top solutions for gynecomastia. It can be done via tumescent liposuction or by the actual removal of breast tissue.
  • Addressing the condition that caused the gynecomastia in the first place
    • If the condition is brought on by obesity then weight loss can help with it.
    • If it is due to certain drugs or environmental factors that a patient is exposed to, then removal of those factors can cause a reversal of the symptom.

Are there any Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gynecomastia

Patients who do not want to undergo surgery for their gynecomastia will also have several treatment options available, they include:

  • Gynecomastia Vest – This is a vest worn under the clothes that compresses the chest area to make the symptom appear less noticeable.
    • Vests can be uncomfortable for the wearer for the first few weeks of use, but they can get used to it soon enough
    • When worn everyday, vests need to be washed daily.
    • Vests are an ideal non-surgical treatment because they can be worn without being noticed.
  • Herbal Medication – there are certain herbal drugs that have been shown to have an effect on reducing the size of gynecomastia.
    • These herbs help to regulate the hormones which are leading to the increase in breast size.
  • Laser Breast Reduction – Short of breast reduction surgery, men can opt for a less invasive procedure done for laser fat removal.
    • Patients need to be evaluated if they are good candidates for the treatment of if they are not.

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