How To Lighten Dark Hair: Natural Remedies For Lightening Hair At Home

If you are a woman in search to lighten your dark hairs, it is not necessary for you to go to a salon to lighten it. There are several options that you can try at home to add that highlights to your hair without using harsh chemicals and dyes used in saloons.

Natural Remedies For Lightening Dark Hair

Though it can be difficult to lighten the dark hairs, you can do it naturally.

  • Swimming is one sure way to lighten your dark hairs naturally. You can swim in pools, lakes, streams and ocean the result you will get is same. The chlorine used to purify the pool water and spas is responsible to lighten your dark hairs. This water is readily absorbed by porous hair strands to give a lighter shade to your hairs.
  • You may have experienced your hair to be naturally lighter during summer when you are more of outdoors.
    Yes it is the ultraviolet sunlight that lightens your dark hairs. Of course it is time consuming, but it is an effective natural way that needs no expensive treatments. Just lie down outside with covering your body with clothes and exposing your hairs to sunlight. Make sure to apply sunscreen on your face and skin. The more time you will spend in the sun the shade will be that lighter.

How To Lighten Dark Hair At Home?

  • To enhance the highlighting effect, spray your hairs with lemon juice and water before drying your hairs in sunlight.
  • Use of ordinary tea can be a marvelous way to lighten your dark hairs. Apply tea to your scalp and comb it all the way till the hair tips. Now pour warm tea on your hairs, be sure that it is not hot and rinse it once again. You will have to keep patience and do it two to three times to get your desired lightening shade.
  • Henna powder is most popular to lighten dark hairs. The only problem you will face is it will not give you the desired result instantly. Bring henna powder from the nearest store as it is freely available in every super market. Now boil the water and add henna powder to make it a paste. Add chamomile herb and stir for a while and let it cool. Apply the prepared paste from your scalp to your hair tips and make a hair bun. Now with lukewarm water wash your hairs and let them dry naturally. Apply coconut oil to your hairs and let it stay overnight. The next day morning wash your hairs with a shampoo.

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