Muscle Inflammation Causes And Symptoms: Natural Remedies For Myositis

Thousands of muscle fibers make a single muscle. Muscle inflammation in its first place is due to overuse of muscle or group of muscles. The common example of muscle inflammation is among the sports persons, athletes, and those involved in strenuous exercise. In fact anyone can suffer from muscle inflammation, for which the medical term used is myositis.

At times acute inflammation of muscles will subside over a period of time by giving rest to the affected muscle; the only problem is with a person who complains of muscle inflammation for a longer duration. Here it should not be neglected as it may be an indication of some auto immune disease.

Causes And Symptoms Of Muscle Inflammation

Muscle Inflammation Causes

  • Trauma.
  • Over use of muscle or groups of muscles, such as sports activities, strenuous exercises.
  • Autoimmune diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, arthritis.
  • Dehydration and low level of potassium.
  • Hot weather.

Symptoms of muscle inflammation

  • Pain
  • Swelling.
  • Soreness.
  • Difficulty in movements.
  • Stiffness

Natural Remedies For Myositis

In order to reduce muscle inflammation, the most important factor to be considered is to give plenty of rest to the affected muscle, so as to repair the damaged muscle fibers.

In order to start the treatment, it is essential to know the underlying cause; only then correct intervention is possible. There are many therapeutic approaches your physician may select to reduce the inflammation; one such treatment is with simple home remedies for muscle inflammation.

  • Apply warm compresses to the affected muscle to get instant relief from pain. Warmth in that area promotes blood circulation and ultimately helps in reducing the inflammation.
  • Epsom salt water bath is the most effective home remedy for muscle inflammation.

Muscle Inflammation Home Remedies

  • Garlic is an effective remedy for muscle inflammation due to its anti inflammatory properties. ¬†Eat garlic in your food preparation, or simply gulp a clove of garlic with milk to get relief from pain and swelling caused after you strain your muscle while doing strenuous exercise.
  • Boswellic acid is a great anti inflammatory herb, it is commonly known as shallaki, and it is often used to treat the morning stiffness in arthritis. ¬†Person complaining of chronic muscle inflammation can take it with milk or with plain water daily. It is readily available in tablet form.
  • Apply a liniment prepared from pepper powder and sesame oil on the affected part. It will help to alleviate the pain and help in free movement.
  • The herb Arnica Montana is used in liniments and ointments. The roots of arnica contain derivatives of thymol which is a strong anti inflammatory. Professional athletes frequently apply the arnica liniment to reduce the inflammation and pain in muscles.

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