Causes and Natural Treatment for Memory Loss in Young Adults

Memory is important to people. It not only helps people get back to the moments in their lives where they were happiest, it also helps in recalling important facts and lessons needed on the job or in particular life situations. Being able to recall memory is an important cognitive function. Memory loss does not only occur with old age.

Some young adults can lose their memory too.

What are the Causes of Memory Loss in Young Adults

  • Memory loss is also referred to as amnesia.
  • Amnesia is most commonly associated with old age.
  • Amnesia can also occur in young adults but is very uncommon and is a result of several causes.
  • There are two types of memory: long term and short term.
  • In young adults, either or both of the memories cannot be recalled.
  • Psychogenic memory loss – caused by stress, depression, schizophrenia, criminal behavior.
  • Brain infections – can cause memory loss. Examples include encephalitis and meningitis.
  • Head trauma – traumatic injury to the brain can cause memory loss in young adults.
  • Vitamin B1 deficiency – in young adults can result from alcoholism or chronic malnutrition.
  • Certain drugs – Prescription drugs or recreation drugs can cause drug-induced memory loss.

Natural Treatments for Memory Loss in Young Adults

  • Treatment depends on the cause.
  • Psychogenic memory loss can be treated with psychiatric help or therapy.
  • Brain infections can be treated if discovered in its earlier stage.
  • Vitamin B1 deficiency can be treated with proper nourishment and quitting alcohol.
  • Head traumas should be examined and treated accordingly by a doctor immediately after the event before waiting for memory loss and other symptoms to occur.
  • Drug-induced memory loss can be reversed if the drug is taken out from the patient’s system.
  • Constant reorientation by the family can help the patient recall short and long term memory.


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