Home Remedies For Neck Sprain: Natural Treatment For Sprained Neck

Neck sprain is a common complain, especially for those who have desk work and table work. The hunched over position for a long time causes spasm in your neck muscles. The other reason is sleeping in an abnormal fashion at night. The next morning when you are awake, it aches on simple neck movement.

Neck sprain can also be a result of lifting heavy weight. Neck sprain in some way or the other is also related to spinal problems and stress.

Symptoms Of Neck Sprain

Symptoms of neck sprain include pain in the back of the neck which gets worse on neck movement. Numbness and tingling in hands, irritability, stiff neck, and difficulty while lying down.

Neck sprain can be mild to severe, mild cases may require simple home remedies while severe cases will require immediate medical attention.

Home Remedies For Neck Sprain

Some of the home remedies for neck sprain are:

  • Ice fomentation on the back of your neck decreases the inflammation and pain in your back.
    Take an ice bag and place it over the neck for 10 minutes after every two hour for first few hours, then every two hours for rest of the day.
  • Rest in bed for two to three days relaxes the strained muscles.
  • Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, it releases endorphins which interferes and reduces pain.
  • Rub comfrey oil on the painful area of the neck very gently. This massage helps to relieve pain and also relaxes the sprained muscles.
  • You can also use thyme oil diluted in warm water for compresses.
  • Horse chestnut contains a chemical aescin, it acts naturally as a anti inflammatory. It is an effective neck sprain home remedy.

Natural Treatment For Sprained Neck

  • Apply bilberry extract to relive pain due to sprained neck. Bilberry contains flavanoids which are known to relieve pain.
  • Ginko biloba is another effective home remedy for treating sprained neck.
  • After two days, try gentle exercises such as turning your neck sideways. Looking up and down slowly and rotate your neck in clockwise and anti clockwise direction
  • While working for a long time in one position, take a break, stretch up and do some neck relaxing exercises such as looking right and left by turning your neck gently etc.
  • Sit upright I your chair having good back support. Do not bend forward or sit in one position for a long time and take a break in between.

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