Why Do Some People Visualizing Spots and Colors After Exercise?

Exercise is extremely important for maintaining good physical as well as mental health. We all know immense benefits of exercise. Regular workouts increase efficiency of heart and lung function. It strengthens the bones. It reduces feeling of depression and above all exercise helps to manage your weight if you are obese and that’s an added advantage.

However, sometime exercising too hard or for too long can have its own drawbacks. For example some people may feel dizzy, while some person’s may see stars and spots in front of their eyes during and after exercise. Many people may get frightened when they see such spots and colors in front of their eye while exercising. It may not be more concerning if the phenomenon occurs once in a while. But its frequent occurrence while exercising must not be neglected. You have to consult your physician to know the underlying cause. Meanwhile until the actual reason is found by your doctor you must slowdown performing strenuous physical activity.
Till that period you can switch over to moderate exercises such as walking or swimming etc.

Causes for Visualizing Spots and Colors After Exercise

You may have come across many people complaining of seeing spots and colors in front of their eyes while performing strenuous exercise. While in most cases it is just some sort of bodily adjustment with no serious consequence. But you must never neglect it because there are several serious underlying causes that may also lead to such event. Let us know those important causes:

  • During exercise the skeletal muscles need more nutrients and energy. Hence the blood flow is concentrated towards the muscles whereas the flow of blood to brain and eye muscles reduces. This physiological shift in blood flow can give rise to blurry vision as well as stars and spots in front of your eyes after strenuous workout session. If you experience blurry vision or spots and stars in front of your eyes during exercise, stop exercising for a while till proper blood flow is resumed in the brain and eye muscles. Sometimes if the condition persists, you may have to stop the activity.
  • During strenuous physical activity, your muscles consume lots of energy. Sugar present in blood during this period swiftly provides the needed energy. In case if the exercise is strenuous more amount of sugar may be used. It can give rise to drops in blood sugar level (hypoglycemia) which consequently produces several symptoms such as increased tiredness, rapid heart rate, hunger, as well as flashes and lights in front of eyes.
  • A mild head trauma or concussion to the brain while playing certain contact sports such as football, hockey, rugby etc can produce spots and colors in front of eye.
  • Exertion headaches are not uncommon. Many athletes and gymnasts suffer from headache after exercise. Prominent among them are long distance runners, weightlifters, and people taking part in outdoor sports. Besides headache, these people also complain of seeing spots and splotchy colors during and after the physical activity.
  • People suffering from hypertension may notice this abnormal visual phenomenon of spots and colors in front of their eyes when they perform strenuous physical workouts. During and after exercise your blood pressure normally rises. In hypertensive person it reaches abnormally high. Hence these patients must be more careful and avoid heavy workout sessions. Mild exercises such as walking and swimming are better for these individuals.