Learn How Raw Honey Benefits the Skin and Weight Loss

Raw honey is an incredible source of nutrition and home remedies. It increases calcium absorption, as well the body’s hemoglobin count. As a natural remedy, it may be used to treat insomnia, to ease fatigue, and to help promote better digestion.

It may interest women however, to know that raw honey is also an effective facial cleanser, as well as an effective treatment agent for skin burns.

How does Raw Honey Benefits for Skin

Raw honey that is unpasteurized and unfiltered, works wonders on the human skin. These are the benefits that one can get from using raw honey, externally or internally:

  • An effective treatment for burns. All that one has to do is to spread raw honey on the affected area. Its acts as a painkiller, and as a healing agent. It cures burns without scarring.
  • An effective treatment for acne or blemishes. Mixing oatmeal and honey and using the concoction as a facial mask will greatly aid the patient in removing acne or blemishes from the face.
  • An effective moisturizer and anti-bacterial agent.
    Raw honey has properties that moisturize the skin in the best way possible. Simply spreading the honey on the skin, leaving it for a number of minutes and rinsing the area would result to smooth and soft skin.

Raw Honey Benefits for Weight Loss

Raw honey is also an excellent natural remedy for obesity, as it acts as a detoxification agent and fat mobilization agent. Raw honey promotes the following benefits for weight management:

  • Cholesterol levels are lowered;
  • Deposited fats are converted into energy; and
  • The digestive system is made to work in top condition.

The most effective raw honey concoction for weight loss is when it is combined with lemon or lime. Simply mix one teaspoon of raw honey with two teaspoons of lemon or lime juice in a glass of lukewarm water. This drink must be ingested on an empty stomach.

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