Reverse Baldness and Hair Loss Naturally with Healthy Diet

Having a full head of hair makes people look young and pleasing, so that one of the biggest fears for men and women is hair loss. The dilemma of losing hair however, is almost inevitable in men as they reach their 40s. The good news is that one could reverse hair loss with the help of science and with the help of natural remedies.

Reverse Baldness with Science

The medication dutasteride, which is primarily used for patients with enlarged prostate, is an effective drug to reverse baldness. Dutasteride is responsible for blocking the chemical substance in the body called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which in turn destroys hair follicles and promotes hair loss. Other studies reveal that after research subjects ingested 0.5 mg. of dutasteride every day for six months, baldness has been reversed.

How to Reverse Hair Loss Naturally

The natural way to reverse hair loss includes the following considerations:

  • Ingesting the saw palmetto herb. This palm plant is originally found in North America, and it acts as a DHT inhibitor.
  • Drinking green tea. This simple tea that could be found anywhere could actually lower the risk of baldness in men because it prevents testosterone conversion to DHT.
  • Including licorice in one’s diet. Just like green tea and saw palmetto, licorice also acts as an inhibitor against DHT.
  • Taking zinc supplements. Zinc also aids in reducing the occurrence of hair loss.
  • Doing scalp massages. Hair loss may be reduced by boosting the circulation of blood in the scalp. It’s best to do scalp massages with rosemary oil and almond oil with olive oil as the base.

Diet to Reverse Hair Loss

People seeking to reverse hair loss must include the following foods into their diet:

  • Lean meat;
  • Soybean;
  • Tofu;
  • Bananas;
  • Avocado;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Cucumber; and
  • Celery.

The intake of oily foods must be decreased or discouraged altogether.

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