Scratchy Voice: Naturally Treat Scratchy Voice

Scratchy Voice

Having a scratchy and hoarse voice is often an indication of a problem in the vocal cords. This condition is usually not severe but may cause a lot of disruptions and inconvenience. It is marked by a hoarse sound that comes out when trying to speak and may lead to difficulty in producing sound or a change in either the quality or the pitch of the voice.

Other characteristics of having a scratchy and hoarse voice include:

  • Weak voice
  • Huskier sound than the normal speaking voice
  • Very breathy sound coming out of the mouth

Scratchy Voice Causes

There are many causes of hoarseness. It is usually associated with laryngitis which also has several root causes in itself. Some of the reasons of hoarseness may be minor that may last for days, but there are also cases that linger for several weeks and even months and may be due to a combination of several causes.

  • Allergies may cause hoarseness. Check if the patient has come into contact with anything new or not ordinary lately.
  • Coughing may also cause hoarseness due to irritation in the throat
  • Excessive use of either tobacco or alcohol.
  • Extreme use of the voice such as singing too much or shouting too loud.
  • Inhaling irritating substances
  • Viral illness

Scratchy Voice Remedy

Knowing how to cure a scratchy voice naturally is an advantage since hoarseness often comes unexpectedly and it’s best to know where to find remedies that are safe and effective.

  • Gargling warm salt water relieves the pain associated with hoarseness. A drop of lemon juice may also be added to the saline water.
  • Steam inhalation is another effective remedy that provides quick, almost instant, relief to hoarseness that’s caused primarily by laryngitis.
  • Ginger tea also reduces the inflammation that may be the cause of hoarseness.
  • Garlic soup is another effective remedy that also contains antibiotic properties.
  • Rest of the voice is recommended in order to bring strength back to the throat.

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