Smashed Finger Treatment And Home Remedies For Smashed Fingernail

Smashed fingers are a common accidental injury. You can get your finger smashed by a blow of a hammer or while shutting a car door or your house door or with the force of a base ball while playing. This type of injuries can involve any one finger or more than one finger.

If the injury is on the tip of the finger and it does not involve your nail bed or any finger joint, it is possible that the injury will heal of its own.

Treatment For Smashed Finger And Fingernail

If the injury to fingers is minor, home remedies will soon ameliorate the symptoms, but when larger portion of the finger is smashed, which involves finger joints and the nail bed it is necessary for you to visit a doctor. In such cases you can primarily use first aid treatment for your smashed fingers. As soon as your finger is smashed pain is the first perceptible symptom. Swelling and bleeding from the finger are often associated with pain. After few minutes or hours, your finger gets discolored and turns dark due to accumulation of blood.

 Movement of fingers is restricted partly due to swelling and partly due to pain or dislocation of the joint.

Treatment for smashed fingers should not be taken lightly, if not treated properly there are chances for your finger to get deformed permanently.

Observe the smashed finger properly, if there is any foreign particle or dust adhered to the wound, clean it with warm water or any anti septic solution available at that moment.

Home Remedies For Smashed Fingernail And Finger

  • Watch out for bleeding and cuts on the finger. Press your finger with other hand to stop the bleeding or apply turmeric powder on the bleeding site. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic as well as anti inflammatory natural medicine.
  • When the finger is swollen, try to move your finger gently, if there is excruciating pain, it is possible that the delicate bone of your finger may have fractured. In such a situation do not try to move your finger anymore and consult your doctor. He may set in a finger cast after examining your finger.
  • You can also apply ice as soon as possible to minimize the swelling and relieve pain. For this take few ice cubes in a towel or any clean cloth and press it on your smashed finger. Keep your fingers elevated so that there is less swelling and bleeding.
  • Most often there is collection of blood between the nail bed and the finger nail when your finger is smashed. This makes your nail turn blue. If a small portion of nail has turned blue, and the pain is not much, nothing major needs to be done. But if the pain is severe it can be relieved by draining the blood. This needs intervention of your family doctor.

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