Stomach Cancer Survival Rate: Last Stage of Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer Survival Rate

The survival rate of stomach cancer is going to depend on several factors. In general though, it has a high mortality because most of these cancers are detected late in its progression.

Factors that affect survival rate:

  • Time of detection – survival is higher when the cancer is detected at an early stage

  • Stage – The higher the stage and the deeper and the effect of the cancer, the lower the survival rate of the patient will be

  • Age – Older people and much younger individuals may not have a very high survival rate.

  • Treatment Done – Certain treatments can help prolong life for patients with stomach cancer. For example, stomach cancer survival rate after surgery may be higher than if surgery was not attempted.

The survival rate for stomach cancer is computed based on a 5-year rating. The following rates depict the percentage of patients who survive 5 years after diagnosis. Many live much longer than the 5 year mark and of course, some people are cured.

Survival Rate by Gender and Race

  • White Men – 19.9%

  • White Women – 23.9%

  • Black Men – 21.5%

  • Black Women – 24.2%

Stomach Cancer Survival Rate By Stage

  • Stage IA – 71%

  • Stage 1B – 57%

  • Stage IIA – 45%

  • Stage IIB – 33%

  • Sage IIIA – 20%

  • Stage IIIB – 14%

  • Stage IIIC – 9%

  • Stage IV – 4%

The survival rate improves the earlier that the cancer was detected.

Stomach cancer survival rate stage 4 has the lowest 5-year rate. This is one important reason why detection is important.

In the US, the overall survival rate of people with stomach cancer is 28%. It may seem really low, but this is only because most cancers are detected late.

These are just overall estimates and each person is going to be different. Patients who have cancer should discuss their condition in depth with their cancer care team.

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