Natural Ways to Prevent or Stop from Spitting While Talking

Spitting while talking is often caused by excessive production of saliva, as well as other factors. It can be very embarrassing. However, this should not dishearten the person because this is a fairly common occurrence affecting millions of people worldwide. The best thing to do is to try to stop the habit before this becomes too embarrassing.

Yes, spitting while talking can be embarrassing but, in most cases, it is treatable.

How to Stop Spitting while Talking

  • Stopping this problem will entail a lot of self control.
  • Most of the time, people who spit while talking are speaking too fast so that the natural balance of the mouth fluids are disrupted. The best thing to do to stop this is to learn to speak slowly, enunciating the words clearly. This will allow the mouth to retain its fluid balance.
  • Sometimes, the problem is caused by weak mouth muscles. This can be corrected by certain exercises.

Natural Remedies to Prevent Spitting while Talking

  • There are actually remedies that can help stop excessive production of saliva to help prevent spitting while talking.
  • The patient may try the following remedies:
    • Draining the mouth of saliva from time to can help stop the over accumulation of the saliva.
      This can be done by putting ground coffee beans under the tongue.
    • Another option is to cut back on sugar and sugary food items. Sugar actually stimulates the mouth to produce more saliva.
    • Sunflower seeds and lime might also be good at helping the patient shake out the feeling of needing to spit.
  • Many times, it will really be just a matter of self control. If the person feels the need to spit during a conversation, telling oneself not to do it could actually help solve the problem.

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