Stronger Nails Home Remedies: Foods And Vitamins For Strong Nails

Healthy nails mirror a healthy body. If your nails are strong, free of ridges and blemishes, and have natural sheen, that means your diet is adequate and your body is receiving all the essential vital nutrients. Brittle, weak, and dull nails are a sign of dietary deficiency.

Focusing on balancing your diet and using home remedies like: egg, tea, iodine, and cream, you can have strong and healthy looking nails.

Home Remedies For Stronger Nails

  • Egg: blend together 1 egg white, 2 spoons olive oil, and a few drops of lemon juice. Soak your nails in this for 10 minutes daily. The essential nutrients in these remedies strengthen nails, give a shine to them, moisturize them and prevent breakage.
  • Iodine: use concentrated form of liquid iodine, to soak your nails. Soak daily for 20 minutes. Iodine stains the nails, so take it off using acetone / nail polish remover. Follow this regimen only twice a month.
    It makes your nails decidedly strong and prevents damage.
  • Tea: mix 2 spoons of the tea and a pinch of salt. Soak your nails in this blend, and then wash off.
  • Olive Oil: massage your hands, fingers and nails with olive oil, daily. Olive oil moisturizes the nails. Keep the oil for half an hour, and then wash off. Repeat daily.
  • Keep your nails short: the shorter are your nails, the stronger they will be.
  • Protect your nails: people who work a lot with their hands may observe that nails get damaged easily. Never neglect your nails. Care for your hands and fingers too. Never use your nails as tools. Use gloves on when doing heavy house and yard work.

Vitamins And Foods For Strong Nails

The nail is made up of keratin. They need adequate amounts of protein, vitamin B complex, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, calcium, selenium, iodine and iron.

These vitamins are very crucial to having healthy nails. They keep the nails strong, healthy, glossy and prevent damage as well. A deficiency will result in dry, brittle, weak and dull nails.

A ‘white moon’ shape at the base of the nail is a sign of iron and/or zinc deficiency, while, hang nails signify vitamin C, folic acid and protein deficiency.

What to Eat For Stronger Nails?

  • The health of your nails greatly depends on what you eat. Eating the right food promises you strong and shiny nails. A balanced diet, comprising of adequate fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, fish, and nuts gives nails all the vital nutrients that they need.
  • These foods nurture and nourish the nails, and keep the nail beds and cuticles healthy too.
  • Ensure that you have 8 glasses of water daily; it eliminates toxins, and allows the nutrients to do their job efficiently.
  • Certain foods have been called nail foods; they are: avocado, grapes, celery, apples, asparagus, garlic, onions, cucumbers, green leafy vegetables, and sweet potatoes.

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