What are Sunscreen Allergy Symptoms and Treatments?

Sunscreen allergy is a type of reaction that a person has whenever he or she is exposed to sunscreen. While most of the sunscreen allergy cases are those that happened in children, there are also certain instances that these allergies manifest in adults who have sensitive skin.

Sunscreen Allergy Symptoms

  • Skin rash – A skin rash occurs when there is a change in the skin affecting skin appearance, texture, and color.
    Aside from the sunscreen allergy, skin rashes can also be caused by scabies, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and fungal infections.
  • Skin itching – Skin itching is a common symptom of various mild to serious skin problems and diseases. Due to itching, other manifestations or problems may occur such as inflammations, infections, as well as other skin abnormalities. Other causes of skin itching include chicken pox, anaphylaxis, allergic purpura, and hives.
  • Eczema – This symptom is marked by inflammation, swelling, itching, and redness in the person’s skin. It is a type of dermatitis that may categorized as allergic contact eczema, seborrheic eczema, and dyshidrotic eczema.
  • Skin irritation – This is a common medical condition that may be caused by various diseases.
    Redness, rashes, and slight itching are known as the first signs of allergic reactions.
  • Bumps in the skin – The skin bumps or lumps that a person experiences whenever suffering from types of skin allergies. Aside from sunscreen allergies, skin bumps are also caused by the occurrence of pimples, warts, cysts, verruca, lipoma, and ganglion.

Sunscreen Allergy Rash

A person may suffer from rashes as early as the first few coats of sunscreen on the skin. To prevent having rashes, it may be best to try the sunscreen on a certain part of the skin before fully putting the product on.

Sunscreen Allergy Treatment

  • Consultation of an allergist is a must
  • Avoid using sunscreen
  • Choose hypo-allergenic sunscreen
  • Be aware of symptomatic measures
  • Do not try various sunscreen products at one time

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