Natural Ways to Reduce Pain and Swelling after Root Canal

A root canal is a dental procedure that some people have to undergo to keep their original tooth sans the ache that they have to endure when that tooth is defective. People often have this negative image about a root canal – that it is very painful and that swelling occurs all the time.

Well, it can be painful and swollen but this does not happen in all cases.

  • Swelling after a patient has undergone a root canal could be a reaction to the procedure. It is possible that the tissues inside have been irritated, causing them to swell.
  • However, there is also a big possibility that the swelling is due to a complication.

Does Facial Swelling happen after Root Canal

  • Facial swelling may also occur after a root canal. This is usually accompanied by pain.
  • The face swells because the empty cavities on the face could fill up with liquid or could be irritated by the infection in the gumline.

Pain and Swelling Associated with Root Canal

  • In a root canal procedure, the dentist will try to remove all of the infections, bacteria, and destroyed tissues from the root canal.
    However, because bacteria are microscopic, it is possible that there is something left in the canal. That could start another infection. This infection causes the pain and swelling.

How to Reduce Swelling Naturally after Root Canal

  • The dentist will usually prescribe medication to reduce the pain and swelling. Antibiotics might also be necessary to ensure that any infection is treated.
  • Putting a hot pack on top of the swollen area can also help improve the circulation. However, this should not be put for long hours so as not to destroy the blood vessels.

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