What are the Symptoms and Treatment for Fractured Arm

Fractured Arm also called broken arm, can occur on one of the three main arm bones; humerus, ulna, and radius.

What are the Symptoms of Arm Fracture

  • Physical symptoms include arm pain and arm that is swollen, bruised, bleeding, and crooked
  • The person might also feel tenderness, tingling sensation, limited motion, but in other cases numbness of the affected area when damage is extended to the nerves
  • Shortening of the injured arm compared to the well one.
  • Visible bone through broken skin in open fracture cases

How to Treat a Fractured Arm

  • Diagnosis is first done with x-ray, CT scan or MRI after an evaluation by the physician through taking of the accident’s history and a physical exam focusing on the injured area searching for possible nerve or blood vessel damage

First Aid

  • Stabilize arm by using a towel as sling. Rolled and taped paper or a board can be taped to the injured area to prevent its movement, avoiding additional damage
  • Ice application to the injured area for 20 – 30 minutes to reduce pain and swelling of the injury. Ice should not be directly applied and should be wrapped in a towel or bag

Medical Treatment

  • A splint and a partial cast is put on the fracture to stabilize the broken bone
  • In addition to the cast and sling, pain killers are also prescribed by the physician
  • For severe fractures, surgical procedure is done with plates, screws and metal rods after which antibiotics usually intravenous are given to prevent infection of the exposed bone
  • Physical therapy is done to restore normal strength and range of motion of the injured arm

Fractured Arm Healing Time

  • Healing time for fracture of the upper arm is 4 – 10 weeks, lower arm is 6 weeks and the wrist is 4 – 12 weeks

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