Syphilis Rash Affecting on Hands and Feet

Syphilis is the result of an infection that can remain in the person’s body for several years if it is left untreated or recognized. When there is an occurrence of a syphilis rash on hands of patients, this usually indicates that the person has secondary or second stage syphilis.

Syphilis Rash on Hands and Feet

  • Secondary syphilis is the manifestation of rashes in the hands, feet, skin, and around the rectum.
  • These rashes are not itchy so they are often ignored by patients.
  • Syphilis rashes are contagious, and exposure to the said rashes may cause the transmission of the disease to other people.
  • The secondary stage of syphilis must be treated as these may lead to the tertiary stage.
  • When syphilis reaches tertiary stage, it may cause aortic aneurysm, dementia, death, blindness, and paralysis.
  • Serious cases of syphilis that may just start with rashes can increase the risk of having HIV infection.

Syphilis Rash on Arms and other Symptoms of Syphilis

  • Light rashes may appear on skin particularly in the arms, legs, hands, and feet
  • Chances of chancre may manifest. There are painless genital sores that appear on the vagina or penis, but usually not on the mouth, hands or anus.
    This, however, can appear on the cervix.
  • May cause various ulcers including the following: penis ulcer, internal vaginal ulcer, mouth ulcer, anal ulcer, genital ulcer, vaginal ulcer, cervix ulcer, and hand ulcer.
  • Possible enlargement of lymph nodes on the groin
  • Enlargement of all lymph nodes
  • Small brown sores may manifest.
  • Possible wart-like lumps may appear.
  • Rashes on palms of hands and soles of the person’s feet may also appear.
  • Mild fever
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of hair in patches
  • Muscle spasms and pains

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