Thyroidectomy Recovery: Recovery Time after Removal of Thyroid Gland

Thyroidectomy Recovery

A thyroidectomy is a medical procedure wherein part of or the whole thyroid gland is removed. This is often done to solve ailments such as hyperthyroidism and cancer of the thyroid glands. The procedures will vary depending on the patient’s needs. The recovery time will also vary, depending on many circumstances.

Thyroidectomy Recovery

  • Recovery from a thyroidectomy will depend upon a lot of things.
  • In general, a partial thyroidectomy will heal faster than total thyroidectomy.
  • After the doctor has diagnosed the condition, he/she will determine the extent of the problem and how this can be corrected. Often, the doctor will screen the patient to determine if he/she is an ideal candidate for a minimally invasive surgery.
  • If the patient is not ideal for minimally invasive surgery, then a more complex surgery would be needed.

Thyroidectomy Recovery Time

  • The recovery time will vary. Partial thyroidectomy will often require just a very short hospital stay, some staying in as low as 1 day. Still, the full recovery time will be weeks after the hospital stay.
    In most cases, workers can get back to work after 2 weeks.
  • Full thyroidectomy will require a longer hospital stay of at least 2 days. Some patients can return to work in about 3 weeks after surgery.

Post Thyroidectomy Recovery

  • Patients heal differently; thus, some will heal faster than the others.
  • During the first few hours and days after surgery, the patient may have difficulty swallowing. The patient may also have a hoarse or raspy voice.
  • The patient’s calcium and vitamin D levels will be monitored for the first few days.

Complete Thyroidectomy Recovery

  • A complete recovery from thyroidectomy will depend on many factors but could be in as fast as 3 weeks to months.
  • To hasten healing, the patient should follow the doctor’s instructions and try to refrain from straining oneself.

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  • July 9, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    I am 15 years old. I will be going in for a surgery for removal of thyroid in a couple of weeks. How long is the hospital stay? When will I get discharge from the hospital? My thyroid is overactive and uncontrollable.


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