Home Toothache Remedies and Cures after Filling Cavity

It is normal for a person to have holes in their teeth after a certain amount of time. When this happens, filling may be recommended by the doctor especially if the tooth is not really meant to be extracted.

  • A toothache after filling is a normal occurrence that most people will feel.
  • The toothache happens because the patient’s teeth are often very sensitive after having it filled.
  • Some toothache intensities vary from light throbbing to blinding pain.
  • Pain is often caused by exposure to cold or hot temperatures, pressure, sugar, or air.
  • Most toothaches go away without having special treatment done on it, although it may take up to a few weeks to fully recover.
  • A dentist must be informed if the problem persists or the pain is too much to handle.

How Long does it Take to Recovery from Toothache after Filling

Toothaches brought about by cavity filling usually recover or heals after 3-4 weeks. However, there are some instances when pain disappears after just a few hours.

Home Remedies for Toothache after Filling


Feeling a certain amount of pain after having a filling is normal because teeth are often sensitive right after the procedure.

Home toothache remedies:

  • Do not drink very cold or very hot liquids or beverages
  • Refrain as much as possible from smoking cigarettes
  • Do not eat candy or sticky goodies after having a filling
  • Follow the dentist’s orders and perform the dental care routine
  • Drop a little clove oil on a small cotton ball and apply directly on the affected area
  • Gargle saltwater as a mouthwash for quick toothache relief
  • Avoid using the pained tooth when chewing or eating
  • Take time to brush teeth after every meal
  • Use an ice pack to numb the pain, but do not drink cold beverages
  • Hold pieces of cut cucumber around the tooth to soothe the pain

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