Toric Colored Contact Lenses: Toric Colored Lenses for Astigmatism

Toric contact lenses were developed to give people with astigmatism a better type of contact lens. It corrects impaired vision and provides a good secure fit as well. For those who are fond of changing their eye colors, toric colored contact lenses is a practical option.

Toric Contact Lenses Cost

  • After a thorough checkup from an eye doctor, people with astigmatism can proceed to selecting the proper pair for their specific prescription.
  • They are more expensive than regular colored contact lenses.
  • The price of a pair of lenses may vary depending on the features.

Toric Contact Lenses Problems

  • If the curves that are meant to correct astigmatism are not properly aligned, the wearer might be prevented from seeing crisp and clear images.
  • Not recommended for mild astigmatism.
  • Wearing contact lenses without proper care may have serious complications:
    1. Corneal ulcers can happen if the lenses have been worn too long,
    2. Light sensitivity, tearing and blurry vision may occur.
    3. Cornea becomes out of shape after an extended period of time of wearing contact lenses.
  • Probable allergies may erupt for sensitive eyes, dry eyes or from the contact lens solution used to clean the lenses.
  • If worn during sleeping, it can increase the risk of eye infections.
  • To avoid problems, use toric contact lens for a maximum of 15 hours only.
  • People with a high content of mucous in their tears are discouraged from wearing contact lenses because of the risk of more buildup in the lenses.
  • May scratch cornea if foreign object enters the eye.
  • Highly sensitive people who are generally susceptible to allergies may develop infections from contact lenses.

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