Is there Any Natural Treatment for Toothache after Crown Fitting

A toothache after crown preparations is normal, just like almost any process performed on a person’s teeth. Whenever a person’s tooth has been damaged after suffering from tooth decay, chances of having a crown fitted over the tooth in question are high.

Toothache after Crown Prep Symptoms and Solutions

  • Heat from the drill is one of the main causes of the toothache because the heat that comes off the drill makes the tooth extra sensitive.
  • Sensitivity of the teeth is of course the reason why the tooth is aching because it is in bad shape. As a result, the tooth is structurally damaged, making it necessary for some preparations to be done before the actual crown can be put in place.
  • Ill fitted crown is also another reason why a person may suffer from toothaches after the crown is fitted. This happens when the crown is either too loose or too tight. When the crown is too tight, the gums often are put under a lot of stress, and this often leads to pain. If the crown is too loose, bacteria may reside in the space between the tooth and the crown, which can lead to an infection.
  • Faulty crown may also be the reason. This happens when a temporary crown is put into place just to protect the tooth structure that has been prepared.

Treatment for Toothache after Crown Fitting

  • Consultation with the dentist is a must when pain is felt, at times natural remedies can worsen the condition.
  • If the patient notices the crown is loose, he or she must refer to the dentist immediately
  • Saltwater mouthwash may be used to temporarily soothe the pain
  • Refrain from drinking cold water or hot water
  • Refrain from eating sweets or gum
  • Do not eat hard to chew food
  • Inquire from the dentist the proper after care procedures to follow

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