Is there any Effective Treatment for Facial Lipodystrophy Syndrome

Facial lipodystrophy is a medical condition wherein certain portions of the face will have adipose tissue build-up while others will be hollowed out.

Facial Lipodystrophy Syndrome

  • Lipodystrophy is the abnormal deposition of fat or adipose tissues in certain parts of the body. These fats often come from certain portions of the face as well as from arms and legs.
    This medical condition can, thus, cause the person to have a rough look – with some portions hollow and some areas protruding.
  • The extent of this ailment varies among patients though many show remarkable changes in the facial features.
  • This facial lipodystrophy problem often affects patients who are taking medications for HIV. However, not all these patients will develop facial lipodystrophy.
  • Also, the condition can be caused by certain medical problems, including diabetes wherein patients often have to inject themselves with insulin.
  • A number of viral and bacterial infections can cause this problem to occur, too.
  • Based on some studies, it has been deduced that the ailment could be due to metabolic abnormalities because of genetic or congenital issues.
  • The symptoms of this ailment could vary among patients. Still, the most pronounced is the loss of fats under the skin. These will form shallow to deep pockets under the skin. The fat tissues that disintegrated could then be deposited in other portions of the face, causing distortion and making the face look unsightly.

Facial Lipodystrophy Treatment

  • Facial lipodystrophy does not have a definite treatment option readily available today. Although there really is a treatment option, knowledge based on research about this treatment option is limited. Thus, its efficacy rate is not well known, though it has healed a number of patients already, at least, temporarily.
  • Also, the medications are quite expensive and are often not covered by most medical health insurance companies. Thus, not too many people have access to this medication.
  • Sometimes, when the medications fail and there seems to be no more hope, plastic surgery comes into play. Certain plastic surgery procedures can help remove fat deposits from other places. Then, the portions that are shallow will be filled with certain plastic surgery materials. These procedures will help the patient achieve an even-looking face.
  • Still, long term treatments are still being researched and studied.
  • Those who have less problems and complications will surely have different needs, symptoms, and treatments than those who have a more complicated disease.

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