What are the Ways for the Treatment of Black Mold Poisoning

Molds, small as they are, can greatly affect a person. These microorganisms grow in areas that are damp and humid, especially in bathroom cracks and humid walls. These fungi particles can cause various ailments in people, including poisoning.

  • Poisoning due to exposure to black molds is one of the problems encountered by people.
  • This ailment usually affects people with a compromised or weak immune system, including very young infants, old people, and those sick with AIDS and cancer.

Black Mold Poisoning Treatment

  • The best way to provide treatment for this ailment is to clean up the area to make sure that the problem will not recur. Anti-mold cleansers are very effective here.
  • The patient might be administered certain medications to help clear out the fungi infestation.

Black Mold Poisoning Diagnosis

  • Diagnosis for this ailment can be very tricky since the symptoms are similar to many illnesses. Some of these symptoms are:
    • Nausea
    • Cough
    • Red eyes
    • Dizziness
    • Asthma
    • Headaches
    • Blood pressure irregularities
    • Pain in internal organs
    • Runny nose or colds
    • Memory loss
  • The doctor will run diagnostic tests to identify the root cause.

Ways to Treat Black Mold Poisoning

  • Immediate treatment of this poisoning includes removing the patient from the infested area. This will ensure that the patient will not be able to inhale more fungi spores.
  • The patient should immediately be brought to the doctor. It is important to remember that this condition can be life threatening, especially if the patient had inhaled a lot of spores.
  • Medications will be administered after the doctor has identified the ailment.
  • The infected walls or rooms should be cleaned with anti-mold cleansers.
  • The air should also be cleaned be air purifiers and mold killers.

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