Natural Treatment for Water Filled Blister on Hands and Feets

Water blisters on hands, like other water blisters are commonly experienced by many. It is a bump on the skin filled with clear, watery substance.

Causes of Water Blisters on Hands

  • Water blisters on hands and feet or on any body part have a common cause, repeated friction. Using the hands to pick up weights continuously can cause irritation and damage to the skin.
    In turn, fluid collects under the injured layer protecting the tissue helping it to heal.
  • Burn is also a cause of water blisters.
  • Allergic reaction to certain chemicals such as soaps, strong detergents and other cleaning chemicals, rubber or latex gloves and at other times to stressful events.

Prevention and Treatment for Water Filled Blisters on Hands

Water blisters on hands itchy or not can be painful when ruptured as it is exposed to harmful substances.

  • Blisters caused by repeated rubbing or friction can be prevented or protected by wearing gloves when handling objects. Cotton gloves should be washed after use. Reusable/latex gloves should be washed and hanged inside out to dry up well.
  • Cut fingernails short and avoid scratching the itchy blisters as this may cause rash to spread
  • A paste of baking soda can be a good home remedy to water blisters.
    Applying the affected area for a week, for five minutes can help dry it up
  • Soaking the water blisters in salt or with white vinegar can also help heal the blisters
  • Cover blisters with bandage, changing it everyday and every time it gets wet or dirty
  • When ruptured, flap of the skin should not be removed as this may make the blister susceptible to infection
  • Wash hands with soap and water before touching or cleaning the blisters. A wash cloth soaked in cool water is recommended
  • Water blisters can be itchy especially if caused by an allergic reaction, and may require medical aid. A visit to the doctor for a topical prescription is advisable to ease symptoms and heal the blisters

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