Why do I Sleep so Much: Too much Sleep can Weaken your Body

Sleep is required by the body to recharge the various systems that have worked during the day. When there are cases of oversleeping, it is usually caused by poor habits, an illness or stress. Though in some instances, there could be more serious explanations.

Why Do I Sleep So Much?

  • Excessive sleepiness or hypersomnia is a medical disorder.
  • It reaches an excessive level along with symptoms of anxiety, forgetfulness and low energy.
  • It can be caused by obstructive sleep apnea or the disorder that makes people stop breathing during sleeping.
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Back pain

Why Do I Sleep So Much and Still Feel Tired?

  • The type of restorative sleep required by the body was not met.
  • REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, phase was not reached.
    1. REM is crucial for processing memories, emotional balance, learning and creativity.
  • Too much caffeine into the system can induce brain activity even during sleep, causing wakefulness.
  • Poor quality of sleep is brought on by many factors:
    1. Too much alcohol
    2. Noisy environment
    3. Light that can confuse the body clock
    4. Working close to bedtime can increase wakefulness.
    5. Too much napping during the day

In determining the answers to how come people sleep so much, it is much better to make an effort on getting a good night’s sleep. Some of the effective ways in building good sleeping habits include cutting down on naps, sleeping only when sleep beckons and refraining from exercise at least four hours before bedtime.

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