Causes And Remedies For Yellow Teeth In Children

Parents will always like to take care of their child’s dental health. They always like to see those pearly set of whites when the child smiles. Unfortunately, yellow teeth in children are a common problem faced by many parents.

Yellow teeth in children are caused due to many factors; it can be due to hereditary trait, internal or external stains etc.

Causes Of Yellow Teeth In Children

Here are some of the common causes of yellow teeth in children:

  • Heredity.
  • Insufficient oral care: the food stuck in between the teeth forms plaque which stains them if the child does not properly brush his teeth.
  • Yellow stains can occur as a result of iron supplements or ammonium based compounds and rinses e.g. chlorhexidine rinses.
  • External staining can be caused due to coffee, colas, chocolates etc.
  • If the enamel is thin, the inner dentin which is naturally yellow will become prominent and feature yellow teeth.
  • Iron tonics.
  • Medicines such as tetracycline and amoxicillin. A pregnant woman should not take tetracycline because her child will have staining on his/ her teeth.
  • Congenital erythropoietic porphyra, congenital amelogenesis imperfect etc. they are rare congenital conditions.
  • Trauma.
  • Excess of fluoride in drinking water.

Remedies For Yellow Teeth

Treatment of yellow teeth in children:

  • Determine the cause, for this you have to consult your family dentist.
  • Stop iron tonics or tetracycline after consulting your doctor if that is the reason for discoloration.
  • Whitening dental floss.
  • Natural whitening tooth paste.
  • Brush teeth with pulp of strawberry.
  • Rub salt or brush with salt.

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