Appendectomy Average Cost: Appendectomy Complication And Recovery Time

Appendix is a hollow blind tube at the junction of large and small intestine. In medical terms it is called vermiform appendix. The average length of appendix is 8 cm to 10 cm. Appendix is located in the right side of the abdomen in the lower quadrant. Appendicitis is inflammation of appendix.

Inflammation of appendix causes extreme pain in the abdomen. Even if the pain is controlled with modern medicines, sometimes appendix needs to be removed urgently, to prevent its rupture and other complications. Appendectomy is the most common emergency abdominal surgery that is performed all over the world.

What Is The Average Cost Of Appendectomy?

Acute appendicitis warrants its urgent removal as there is a risk of complication. If appendix is not removed on time when it is inflamed and infected, appendix might rupture in the abdomen leading to a condition called acute peritonitis. It is a serious condition that can be fatal. It is for this reason doctors consider appendectomy as the only measure to avoid complications.

Appendectomy surgery requires 3 to 5 days hospital stay.

As the patient has to stay in the hospital, the effective cost of appendectomy is high. However, on a positive side the operation is covered under medical insurance. The cost also involves certain tests which are done preoperatively and postoperatively.

The average cost in United States is between $20,000 and $30,000. Again the charges depend on the geographical location and the standard of hospital as well as the operating surgeon. Normal hospital costs between $10000 and $12000. A surgeon fee is between $ 5000 and $6000. The rest is for the tests, medicines etc.

Recovery Time After An Appendectomy

The surgery can be performed in two ways, either laparoscopic surgery or open surgery. The recovery time is based on the age of the patient, if any pre-existing condition were present such as diabetes etc, or whether there were any complications such as burst appendix etc.

Generally the time required for recovery is short for laparoscopic surgery, where as open surgery requires stay of 3 to 5 days in the hospital. The patient needs to rest at home for another 2 to 3 weeks for complete recovery. He can resume his work after 4 to 5 weeks after surgery if there are no other complications. This again depends on the overall health of the patient.

Complications Of Appendectomy

As with any surgery, appendectomy can also have complications.

Open surgery and laparoscopic appendectomy have same rate of complications.

  • Infection at the sight of incision.
  • Infection in the abdominal cavity which is called peritonitis.
  • Abscess and scarring (adhesions).
  • Hemorrhage.
  • Intestinal obstruction.
  • Anesthesia complications such as pneumonia, clot formation etc.
  • Perforation of intestine or other organs such as bladder while performing appendectomy.
  • Accidental cutting of the important nerve.
  • Greater risk of peritonitis when the appendix is perforated.

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