What are the Symptoms of Appendix Pain & How to Identify Appendicitis?

Appendix Pain

The appendix is a very small worm-like appendage that is attached to the colon. It does not cause any problems to the body until appendicitis develops. Appendicitis happens when a bacteria invades the wall of the appendix and infect it causing inflammation. Scientists explain that appendicitis starts when the opening from the appendix to the cecum is blocked by thick mucus build-up within the appendix area.

This block can come from the stool entering the appendix from the cecum. Either the mucus or the stool hardens like a rock and blocks the opening which causes bacteria to invade the wall of the appendix. The appendix may rupture over time causing the infection to scatter throughout the abdomen.

Appendix Pain Symptoms

Pain is the most common symptom of appendicitis. The pain starts in the abdomen and becomes permanent, continuous, and steady.

The primary symptom of appendicitis is abdominal pain. The pain starts in the peri-umbilical region. It then moves downwards into the lower right of the abdomen. The pain will remain in this region.

Unlike any other pain, the pain associated with appendicitis is constant and non-throbbing. For some people, the pain will immediately center on the right iliac fossa or the lower right abdomen. If the appendix is long, it may also cause lower left abdominal pain.

Other symptoms of appendicitis may develop from 4 to 48 hours that include:

  • Low grade fever in patients.

  • The urge to vomit. 90% of patients of appendicitis experience the urge to vomit due to the pain.

  • Loss of appetite on all kinds of food.

  • Nausea and drowsiness.

Appendix Location

As of the moment, many question the functionality of appendix in the human body. Due to lack of evidence to support its function, scientists refer to it as a vestigial organ. However, the appendix contains a lymphatic tissue, which produces antibodies. Other health experts consider the appendix to be a part of the immune system.

The exact location of appendix is on the lower right quadrant of the body. If the human stomach is divided in four regions, the appendix is found on the lower right part. To make it more specific, the location of the appendix falls directly where the Ileo-cecul junction is located. This means the appendix is located where Ileum meets the cecum in the colon.

Appendix Pain Treatment

  • An appendix pain treatment is done by extracting the organ through surgery. A ruptured appendix includes pus seepage into the intestines and abdominal cavity which calls for immediate operation.

  • If the appendix has already ruptured, surgery is necessary to drain out the pus using a tube before the inflamed appendix is removed.

  • If the surgery does not take place immediately, the physician will prescribe pain reliever for temporary relief.

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