Infection and Swelling of Belly Button after Tummy Tuck Surgery

Belly Button after Tummy Tuck

The belly button is an important mark on the abdomen. During a tummy tuck procedure it will be detached from the abdominal wall and reattached once the procedure is over.

  • The belly button after a tummy tuck is repositioned back to its natural place.

  • The appearance of the belly button can change or remain the same, depending on the request of the patient.

  • In most cases, the physician will position the belly button in the place where it should be located on the abdomen of the patient. This is unless the patient wants it readjusted to another location for whatever reason. It rarely happens, if it happens at all but if the patient does request so, then the belly button will be placed there.

Infected Belly Button after Tummy Tuck

An infection of the belly button can occur after a tummy tuck. Symptoms of an infection include:

  • Swelling that surrounds the belly button or is just above or below it.

  • Inflammation – characterized by red color, pain, heat on touch, and a visible increase in size

  • The incision surrounding the belly button may also be what’s inflamed

  • In some cases, the belly button area may drain pus

  • Patients may also encounter fever and signs of infections like nausea, vomiting, and chills

Swelling Above the Belly Button after Tummy Tuck: What to Do?

  • When an inflammation of the belly button is observed following a tummy tuck, it is important to go back to the plastic surgeon’s office.

    They will be able to provide immediate treatments and prescribe medications to be taken.

  • Infections can precipitate scarring and can hamper proper healing of the tuck procedure.

  • The doctors will most likely prescribe antimicrobial drugs that will help control the infection.

  • Regular dressing changes are necessary when a belly button is infected following a tuck.

Belly Button after Tummy Tuck Care

Surgeons are usually going to provide their patients care instructions for their abdominal area after a tummy tuck.

Here are some after care tips:

  • Wear compression garments as instructed.

  • Cleanse the dressings around the belly button and incision site as instructed by the surgeon.

  • Take the necessary antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medications prescribed.

  • Avoid irritating the belly button area and the other incision sites.

  • Going to the scheduled checkups is also necessary in avoiding infections.

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