Health and Medicinal Benefits of Black Onion Seeds

Black onions seeds are normally used as spices and seasonings in food, but these are also medicinal in nature. The use of these seeds as an herbal remedy is known to be used by people even during the early times. Black onion seeds, or Nigella Sativa, are also known in different names including Roman coriander, nutmeg flower, black caraway, fennel flower, and black cumin.

With its various names, it just means that its use is known widely.

Health Benefits of Black Onion Seeds

  • Traditionally, black onion seeds have been used as a natural treatment for several ailments concerning the kidneys, lungs, heart and the upper respiratory system.
  • These have also effective properties that boost the immune system.
  • A lot of places in the world have been using these to treat skin disorders like eczema and boils. Many people have been using these to fight digestive problems and respiratory problems caused by bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms.
  • Black onion seeds can aid in the management of cancer. These help in strengthening the immune system by speeding up the manufacture of immune cells, specifically the neutrophils.
  • Allergic conditions, including asthma, have a good response to these seeds.
  • Symptoms of chest congestion, colds, flu and cough are relived when these are taken in together with honey and garlic extract.
  • Because these also contain essential fatty acids, they aid in digestion and prevent various digestive conditions.
  • Their antibacterial property is also beneficial in fighting off intestinal parasites and other digestive infections.

Black Onion Seeds Recipe

There are several known health benefits of black onion seeds. The following are some recipes to remedy different ailments:

  • Black onion seeds with plain water solution: Pulverize the seeds and combine it with a liter of hot water. Use this for hot sitz bath in curing hemorrhoids.
  • Black onion seeds and vinegar: Boil about a cup of vinegar with the seeds. Use the solution for gargling to treat gum and teeth infection. When this is rubbed on gum surface, it minimizes inflammation. Aside from oral problems, this concoction is also effective in treating chronic colds.
  • Combined with honey: Powdered black onion seeds mixed with honey are very good in getting rid of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder.
  • Mixed with boiled water: When ground black onion seeds are combined with hot water and consumed, it eases symptoms of asthma. When this is taken regularly, it minimizes asthma attacks.

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