Benefits and Uses of Nutmeg Oil along with Procedure to Make the Oil

Nutmeg Oil Benefits

  • Increases brain function. It acts as a stimulant just like caffeine that triggers the brain to be sharper and alert.

  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving pain. It can get rid of chronic pain like those experienced by patients with rheumatoid arthritis and also menstrual cramps.

    Pain from sprains and fatigue can also be managed with the use of this oil.

  • Aids in proper digestion. It can be used as a remedy for appetite loss and indigestion.

  • It can promote positive cardiovascular effects. The chemical that is in the oil acts as a stimulant that enhances proper blood circulation. It also prevents the blood from becoming very thick.

  • Can treat oral pain. Those patients that have toothaches, swollen and painful gums can directly apply the oil in the affected area to ease pain and swelling. Since the oil has aromatic properties, it can also cure bad breath.

  • It can help ease coughs, colds, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

  • Toxins from the liver can be removed and can also help with kidney infections.

Uses of Nutmeg Oil

  • Spices. It can be used alongside potato and meat dishes and other culinary entrees.

  • Incense. Oil extracts of nutmegs are used in many kinds of incense sticks since it has a nice woody aroma.

  • Flavor. It is often used as a flavoring that offers a sweet taste in several pastries, syrups, ice cream, cappuccino, cinnamons, and custards.

  • Soaps. It has antiseptic characteristics that are commonly used in making soaps. The oil can also be used as it is for bath due to its refreshing quality.

  • Cosmetics. Due to its antiseptic properties it has been used in many cosmetic products to rejuvenate dull and wrinkled skin. Creams and aftershave lotions also have this oil as a major ingredient along with perfumes.

  • Air Freshener. Its aromatic properties help make rooms smell refreshed.

  • Tobacco. The oil is a key ingredient in the production of tobaccos.

  • Medication. It is natural sedative, antiseptic, stimulant, antibacterial, relaxing and anti-inflammatory remedy that is often used in many medicines or used naturally to treat certain conditions.

How to Make Nutmeg Oil

Below is the step by step procedure in making nutmeg oil

  • The outer coating or the mace is manually removed from each seed of the nutmeg fruit.

  • The seeds are then grinded to make a powdery substance.

  • The powdered nutmeg then undergoes steam distillation which is the process of purifying by the application of steam or heat. Essential oil from nutmeg will be properly extracted after distillation.

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