What are the Causes of Blister on Lip and Its Treatments

Blister on Lip

  • A blister is an area on the skin where the epidermis separates from the dermis. The space created between the two layers is then filled up with a clear liquid fluid called serum.

  • Blisters will appear as an area of raised skin on (in this case) a person’s lips which will then burst and form a hard crust.

    In a week or so, the scabs will peel off and heal by itself.

  • Prior to the onset of a lip blister, a person will feel an itching and burning sensation on the soon-to-be infected area of the skin. After which, blisters will appear.

  • Normally, blisters will disappear in a week but if these do not go away within ten days or more, it is advisable to seek a doctor immediately.

Blister on Lip Causes

  • Generally, the formation of a blister is the result of some sort of defense mechanism carried on by a person’s body against a harmful foreign body.

  • Several factors can cause a blister on lip that can range from mild to severe and they are:

  • Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1), which is a common cause of contagious recurring lip blister.

    It is not to be mistaken with the virus that causes genital herpes blisters.

  • Weak immune system usually caused by stress

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight

  • Extreme cold or hot temperatures

  • Hormonal imbalance occurring during menstruation or pregnancy

  • Skin trauma caused by shaving

  • Food allergies, or

  • An underlying illness

Blister on Lip from Sun Treatment

  • When going out into the sun, especially on a summer day, the skin and not the lips is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to needing protection. We slather sunscreen on our skin but yet forget that our lips are in need of protection as well.

  • Because of this negligence, sun blisters appear on the lips due to over exposure and treatment is in order.

  • Treatment for sun blisters on the lips is similar to treatment for sun blisters anywhere else on a person’s skin like:

  • Disinfection by lightly dabbing the affected area of the lips with antiseptic wipes. It is better to ask a doctor on the best kind of antiseptic to use, for some materials can be dangerous when swallowed.

  • Gentle application of aloe vera to relieve pain and which also act as an antiseptic.

  • Use of moisturizer that does not contain alcohol, for it will make your sunburn more painful.

  • Follow a healthy diet that will strengthen your immune system.

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