Various Causes of Bony Bump on Top of Toe and Its Treatment

The foot has many natural protrusions due to its bony structure. The bony prominences found on the foot can make it appear bumpy. Certain conditions can develop unnatural looking bumps or bony protrusions on the foot in unlikely places that make wearing footwear uncomfortable or as severe as making daily activities painful.

Bony Bump on Top of Foot

  • The foot is a bony structure that contains a number of bony prominences.

  • There are many causes for natural bumps on the foot to form such as congenitally formed at birth, foot deformities, or as a result of injury.

  • Bumps on the foot can appear on top, on the bottom, or at the sides of the foot.

  • Bumps on the foot may or may not cause problems.

  • In some cases, the bumps are not problematic at all.

  • There are some people who report not feeling any pain or discomfort from the bumps.

  • There are also cases wherein the bumps can become problematic.

  • Depending on where the bump is located it can cause problems with joint function or even make tendons weak.

  • Some problems associated with bumps on the foot include shoes that do not fit or bumps that swell and cause extreme pain.

Bony Bump on Top of Toe

  • The big toe or even the other toes are prone to bony bump formation.

  • There are many conditions that affect the big toe if not the rest of the toes.

  • Some conditions that form bony bumps on the toes include:

    • Hallux Rigidus – usually results from arthritis.

    • Bunions – the joint of the big toe juts out causing a bump.

    • Tailor’s Bunion or Bunionette – forms on the fifth toe of the foot.

Causes and Treatment Bony Bump on Top of Toe

There are various causes for bony bumps on the foot or the toe to form.

  • Congenital causes – some bumps on the foot or the toe have already begun to form at birth.

  • Bone deformities – there are some people who develop deformities of the bone causes bumps to form.

  • Injury – in injury to any part of the foot may cause a bump to form.

  • Medical conditions – there are bumps on the foot that are triggered by certain medical conditions particularly arthritis.

Treatment for bumps on the foot or toe is varied and depends on the cause. A podiatrist knows the best treatment needed.

  • Padding the bump – this helps to relieve pressure from wearing of shoes or walking.

  • Placing orthotics or prescription shoe inserts – to help the individual comfortably wear shoes without discomfort or pain.

  • Change in footwear – there are prescription shoes that individuals with foot or toe bumps can wear without causing pain or discomfort or make walking difficult.

  • Anti-inflammatory treatment – such as taking of medications, immobilization of the affected foot, cold compresses, and rest.

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