9 Natural Ways to Build Lean Muscles Naturally

Muscles are band of tissues that are made up of tiny fibers and have the ability of contracting. We all know muscles provide movement, power and strength to our body. Everyone desires their body is well toned with lean muscle without layers of fat. This is why many people join gym to build up lean muscles.

Although a challenging task, building lean muscles it is not difficult as it appears. If you are interested in gaining lean muscles, you need to eat proper nutritional diet as well as perform adequate physical exercise. If you only focus on exercise without proper nutrient intake the progress with stop. High protein diet, a small amount of fat and carbohydrate all are necessary for the energy along with regular exercise. Follow the tips given below for building lean muscle mass.

Ways to Build Lean Muscles Naturally:

Here are important tips to build lean muscles;

  1. Strength training: Use weightlifting at least 3 days in a week. Anything can be used such as free weights, weight machines etc. Weight training exercise burns more calories, builds muscular strength and lean muscle.
  2. Cardio exercise: Alternate weight training with cardio exercise every other day. This provides necessary time for the muscles to rebuild. Cardio will help to burn extra fat.
  3. Exercise till your muscle fatigue: During weight training do exercise till you feel your muscles are fatigued and are no longer able to lift weight or exercise. This will help to build leaner muscles devoid of overlapping fatty tissue.
  4. Drink enough water: Drink water between the exercises to keep the muscles well hydrated. They perform better when sufficiently hydrated.

Besides exercising eating smartly is also valuable when it comes to building lean muscle mass. Below are given foods that help to gain lean muscles.

  1. Eggs: Egg contains high quality of protein, fats, vitamins B complex which are essential nutrients needed for building lean muscle. Protein is made up of amino acids. They are building blocks for muscles. Egg contains leucine, an amino acid which in particular is important for building lean muscle mass. The B vitamins play vital role in energy production.
  2. Fish: Fish is great choice as it contains proteins, vitamins, as well as omega 3 fatty acids. All three play important role to gain lean muscle during when you are going for daily workouts.
  3. Lean Beef: This is another great choice for building lean muscle. It is especially valuable when a person is trying to gain lean muscles with weight training exercise.
  4. Cottage cheese: Cottage cheese is densely packed with protein, particularly amino acid leucine. Eating cottage cheese is useful for building muscles.
  5. Beans: All types of beans such as kidney beans, pinto and black beans are rich source of protein. They also contain fiber and vitamins as well as minerals. All the nutrients mentioned are vital for building lean muscles.

Food items such as quinoa, chickpeas, buckwheat, milk, nuts, brown rice, whey powder, protein milk shakes, are useful for muscle building together with exercise.

Avoid stress:

When you are under constant stress, your body secretes certain hormones. These hormones are known to accumulate fat and increase weight. Hence it is also important to reduce stress when you are aiming to build lean muscle. Yoga, meditation, leisure activities, walking daily for 20 minutes all are important for reducing stress.