How to Prevent and Stop Burning Fingers From Hot Jalapenos Peppers

Burning Fingers from Hot Peppers

  • No matter how hot the hot peppers are, these are favored by a lot of people for use in cooking. These add to the taste of a meal, offering hot options to all who taste the food. Still, preparation of these spiced up food items would require cutting up those hot peppers.
  • Well, that is when the problem starts. Handling hot peppers with bare hands is a very big mistake. Always use gloves and prevent the oil from touching any part of the skin.
  • The burning sensation may not start immediately, allowing the patient to slice and handle a lot of hot peppers. However, when the sensation begins to set in, it can really be painful and frustrating.

Burning Fingers from Jalapenos

  • Jalapeno is a hot pepper. Its flesh is comparable to that of green bell pepper in terms of texture and having a mild spicy or hot flavor. However, its seeds are a different story altogether. These seeds contain most of the heat that comes from the jalapeno. Thus, contact with the seeds can be very dangerous, if not very hot on the fingers and affected areas.
  • If it is necessary to handle jalapenos, no matter how small, try using gloves laced with butter. This will ensure that the oil will not penetrate easily into the latex material.

Burning Fingers Treatment

  • It is easy to understand why a lot of people still risk burning their fingers to be able to eat food with jalapenos and other hot peppers – these are often delicious and hot.
  • Still, prevention is so much better than cure so that gloves should always be used when handling this food item.
  • Treatment will depend on what amount of exposure was experienced on the affected area.
  • Such treatment options include:
    • Using sour cream
    • Using coconut milk
    • Using ice cream
    • Removal of the oil using alcohol
    • Lots of fluid intake
  • It is also important to provide treatment as soon as possible so that the oil is removed and will not cause further harm.

How to Stop Burning Fingers from Jalapenos

If the patient experiences burning sensations because of the jalapenos, try the following options:

  • Snap a piece of aloe vera into two. The sap will easily soothe the burning fingers, quickly reducing the burning sensation.
  • Other options include:
    • Oatmeal bath
    • Baking soda mixed with water
    • Ice cream
    • Sour cream

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