Treatment For Tingling And Burning Sensation All Over The Body

A burning sensation felt all over the body can indicate many kinds of diseases and medical conditions. When a person feels a tingling or a burning sensation in any part or all over the body, medical consult should be sought in order for the necessary tests to be done and to arrive at the correct diagnosis for prompt and appropriate treatment.

Here are some facts that are associated with burning sensation all over the body,

  • Anyone can experience a burning sensation all over his or her body; however there are more reports of adults suffering from the condition.
  • There are many indications of a burning sensation felt all over the body ranging from a psychological reaction to a neurovascular dysfunction.
  • Whatever the cause, the root of such burning sensation involves nerve damage.
  • The body’s nerves are responsible for the transmission of signals from the brain to different parts of the body.
  • These signals help muscles to work and move and it also helps to perceive sensations.
  • When these nerves are damaged, the signals are not properly transmitted to the different parts of the body causing numbness, paresthesias, tingling sensations, pins and needles sensation, and even burning sensation.

Conditions Associated With Burning Sensation All Over The Body

When an individual starts to experience a tingling or burning sensation all over his or her body, he or she may be experiencing the following diseases or conditions:

  • Trauma.
  • Peripheral neuropathy is a common cause of burning sensation which is more frequently observed in individuals suffering from diabetes or other systemic disorders.
  • Neuralgia can result in pain along with burning sensation in the body.
  • Radiculothopy, refers to the involvement of the radial nerve.
  • Herpes can also result in burning and tingling sensation.
  • Peripheral vascular disease.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome results in compression of the nerves that supply to the hand and the fingers, which in turn is associated with burning, tingling and pain.

Causes And Treatment For Burning Sensation

The root cause of burning and tingling sensation all over the body is damage to the nerves.

These can be caused by:

  • Traumatic events.
  • Nerve injury.
  • Spinal injury.
  • Skin infections.
  • Decreased blood flow.
  • Brain injuries.
  • Bites and stings from insects, snakes, and marine animals.
  • Vitamin and hormone deficiencies.

The goal of treatment for this condition is to relieve the patient from the burning and tingling sensation that he or she is feeling. Treatment is dependent on the cause and can include the following:

  • Vitamin supplements such as vitamin B-complex. Vitamin B12 supplements are considered to be very vital.
  • Hormonal replacements may be required in females approaching menopause.
  • Anti-venom for bites from insects, snakes, and marine animals.
  • Consumption of foods like onion, garlic, etc are considered to help make the blood thinner, which in turn helps in the management of peripheral vascular diseases.
  • Calcium supplementation is also important. Increase the intake of low fat milk and dairy products.

12 thoughts on “Treatment For Tingling And Burning Sensation All Over The Body

  • January 30, 2014 at 9:54 am

    I have been suffering from pricking sensation on my stomach and all over my body since the last 3 months. I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. I am taking pregalin 500 mg and still pain has not subsided. Please let me know if there is any other way to reduce pain. I have tested for vitamin deficiency and also underwent MRI dorsal spine and everything is normal. My sugar has come down to normal now.

    • February 6, 2014 at 3:36 pm

      You have not mentioned whether you are a diabetic. Sometimes tingling and pricking sensation of peripheral neuropathy remains even if your sugar is within the normal range and you are diabetic. However further damage to nerves can be limited by keeping blood sugar under control in diabetics. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Light exercise is very important for treating neuropathy. It promotes blood circulation and also keeps blood sugar under control. Massage with castor oil can give symptomatic relief. Besides you can also meditate and practice yoga.

  • July 13, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    I have been having burning sensation all over my body especially around my waistline and my thighs. I also have numbness and a pinch like feeling as if someone has pulled a hair on my body. I’m not a Diabetic. What is the remedy?

    • July 21, 2014 at 5:05 pm

      Before finding the remedy it is essential to know the cause. There are several reasons and you have to rule out each one of them. For example it can be due to neuritis related vitamin deficiency. It can be due to initial few days of herpes, where the blisters have not appeared. However, to alleviate the symptoms aloe vera gel is useful natural remedy. Apply cold fomentation. If you do experience any relief after few days, consult your doctor. Avoid wearing tight clothes.


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