Causes of Bronchopneumonia and Natural Cures To Treat

Bronchopneumonia is characterized by multiple foci of acute and isolated consolidation of pulmonary region. Epidemiologically, the incidence of bronchopneumonia is less frequent compared to lobar pneumonia and is most often associated with Streptococci infection. However bronchopneumonia may also be caused due to other pathogens like Pseudomonas, E coli, Staphyloccocus and Klebsiella.

What is Bronchopneumonia?

Bronchopneumonia is a acute inflammatory condition that affects the bronchioles of the lung. The inflammation may be isolated and multifocal affecting multiple lobes. Bronchopneumonia may subsequently develop into lobar pneumonia when the infection spreads and affects the parenchyma of the lungs.

Following a bacterial infection, the body’s immune system produces an inflammatory response to the bacteria which results in exudation and filling up of the alveolar sacs with fluid. Subsequently the air space is lost due to consolidation of the fluid.

Bronchopneumonia Symptoms

The common symptoms associated with Bronchopneumonia include the following,

  • Cough: Coughing occurs due to irritation of the bronchioles by the bacteria and inflammatory exudates. Coughing helps clear the air passages and helps ensure normal air flow from the trachea into the lungs
  • Fever: Often the systemic symptom associated with any infection, high grade continuous fever is a characteristic sign of bronchial pneumonia
  • Pain: Often bronchopneumonia is associated with pain.
    The pain is either continuous or comes on every time the person coughs
  • Breathlessness or difficulty to breath, fatigue and tiredness, generalized weakness, etc are some of the other common systemic symptoms that are associated with bronchopneumonia

Natural Cures to Treat Bronchopneumonia

Here are some simple home remedies and tips to effectively treat bronchopneumonia,

  • Garlic is considered an effective remedy for bronchopneumonia. Garlic has strong anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in quick resolution of pneumonia
  • Holy Basil Oil is considered effective in soothing the symptoms and providing relief. Local application of the oil on the chest helps alleviate the symptoms
  • Inclusion of sesame seeds in the diet is beneficial as it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce congestion in the chest
  • Include fresh vegetable soup in your diet. Include spinach, onions, pumpkin seeds in your diet as it helps in alleviating the symptoms of pneumonia

Bronchopneumonia Home Treatment and Remedies

  • Turmeric has strong anti bacterial properties. Consuming mixture of turmeric with sugar (in equal parts), about thrice a day is considered beneficial in the management of pneumonia
  • Sipping small quantities of ginger tea several times during the day can provided sustained relief and also helps in resolution of the edema
  • Local application of turpentine oil on the chest helps give warmth to the lung tissues and improves blood circulation and thereby hastens the process of healing

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