How To Get Rid of Clammy Hands or Palmar Hyperhydrosis and Its Causes?

Clammy Hands

Hand sweating is a normal process that occurs in the body to lubricate and cool the skin. On the other hand, when too much sweating happens, the hands become cold and clammy. Clammy and cold hands condition is common in both sexes and affects one out of 200 individuals.

Though problem concerning clammy hands is not life-threatening, it brings about discomfort and embarrassment. A sufferer would be reluctant to involve himself in social occasions because of this. Besides that, one avoids going to parties, shaking hands or meeting people. Consequently, suffering from this condition leads to reduced self-esteem and reluctance to socialize.

Medically termed as palmar hyperhydrosis, this problem arises not because of extreme hot weather conditions, but because of underlying health issues.

What Causes Clammy Hands

Clammy and cold hands occur because of the over activity of nerves in the sympathetic nervous system that send off signals into the skin’s sweat glands.

The profuseness of hand sweating would depend on the temperature conditions and the stimulation of the involving nerves.

Essentially, there are health conditions that cause clammy hands. This could be a symptom of diseases and certain conditions like:

  • Intake of certain drugs

  • Tuberculosis and other respiratory tract infections

  • Stroke

  • Menopause

  • Peripheral arterial disease

  • Hyperthyroidism

  • Cardiovascular problems

  • Cancer

  • Anxiety disorder

How to Get Rid of Clammy Hands

Having clammy hands is truly annoying and embarrassing. Such condition results to social problems for a sufferer. However, there are ways one can do to combat this sweating problem and achieve a more confident disposition in life.

  • One home remedy to relieve sweaty and clammy hands is the use of talcum powder or starch. Applying these can temporarily bring relief to sweaty palms. Thus, the must for reapplication as needed.

  • The use of antiperspirant products can also alleviate the worsening clammy hands condition. Active ingredients present in these can react with the electrolytes in the skin which leads to gel plug formation that eventually obstructs the sweat glands from emitting too much sweat.

  • Soaking hands in tea for an hour can remedy the symptom. This is because the tannic acid in teas has a drying effect in the skin.

  • Products that contain aluminum chloride can reduce sweating when applied to the hands or palms. These can be in the form of creams or sprays.

  • Iontophoresis is an effective treatment option that hinders profuse sweating in the hands which makes use of mild electricity.

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