Effectiveness of Epila Laser Hair Removal at Home and Consumer Reports

Epila Laser Removal

Epila is a home laser removal system. It has been designed to provide varying degrees of laser strength.

  • The system uses a diode laser.

  • It claims to usable for all skin types, except individuals with very dark skin. This is expected considering that those with really dark skin are often not eligible for other laser hair removal procedures as well.

  • It has a CE certification.

  • There are three laser intensities – low, medium, and high. These different intensities offer a wide range of applications and could target various requirements that the patient has. For instance, high intensities are being used to remove larger, darker hair follicles. The intensity will gradually lessen in the subsequent treatment sessions as the follicles are destroyed little by little.

  • The product claims 90% effectiveness.

Epila Laser Removal at Home – How Does it Work?

  • The Epila laser is said to work in the same way that doctor’s office lasers do.

  • The diode heat is absorbed by the darker melanin of the hair follicle causing destruction, which will result in permanent hair loss.

  • Like professional treatments, it will take more than 1 treatment to get rid of hair for good.

  • Epila treatments are said to work fast and patients can work on one leg for less than an hour.

  • Diode lasers have a higher wavelength than most of the lasers used for the procedure

  • Epila Cooling Gel may be applied before treatments although this is not a requirement but it can ease the patient’s comfort.

  • With repeated treatments, hair is going to gradually fall out.

  • Epila recommends the use of sunscreen and protective wear in the few days following each treatment. Also, the patient is advised to avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible.

Epila Laser Removal Consumer Reports

  • Several consumer complaints have been raised concerning the Epila Laser.

  • Many users have complained about burns and severe pain during treatments. Still, this can be minimized if the proper procedures are done and the skin type is checked for eligibility.

  • Users have also claimed that they did not see any results from their treatments.

  • Epila, like most epilation laser treatments have not been shown to work for patients who have dark skin.

  • It may also not work in patients that have light hair.

  • Another complaint is that the high setting on Epila is too severe but that the low setting does not work.

  • Despite the negative comments, a lot of people have also claimed that Epila did work for them.

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