What Causes Flank Pain On The Right Side And What Is Its Treatment?

The right flank is located in between the right hip and the last rib on the right. This becomes painful when it had been sprain or the underlying organs have problems. Since several important organs are located in this part of the body, the condition may be indicative of some serious health condition.

Though the causes of this condition can vary in every patient, the most usual reasons for the pain are kidney problems and disorders in circulation.

In order to have a concrete treatment plan for this, it is important to determine the actual cause through some tests and the help of the other symptoms.

Right Side Flank Pain Causes

There are a host of factors that may be associated with right side flank pain,

  • Kidney problems: Among the main reasons of pain in the right flank are kidney stones which obstruct the ureter. When the urine that is produced in the kidney as a waste product cannot pass through the ureter because kidney stones have blocked it, pain in the flank region is experienced.
    Aside from kidney stones, pyelonephritis which is a form of kidney inflammation due to bacteria can also bring about flank pain. Other conditions include hydronephrosis, glomerulonephritis, etc.
  • Infection: Urinary tract infection that is often caused by bacteria trigger a number of symptoms such as fever, difficulty in urinating, nausea and right flank pain.
  • Gynecologic conditions: Problems concerning reproduction can also result to right flank pain. The pain can be associated with ovarian cyst, endometriosis, and ectopic pregnancy.
  • Intestinal problems especially associated with formation of excess of gas, colonic infection, etc can also be associated with pain in the right flank. Occasionally, the pain may be referred due to an inflammation or infection in the liver or pancreas.
  • Other causes such as arthritis, diabetes, spinal fracture, shingles, spinal infection, and muscle trauma can be reasons for flank pain on the right side.

Treatment For Flank Pain On Right Side

The treatment course for this health problem would depend on the underlying cause. The following are the remedies which people suffering from such condition can do at home:

  • To be relieved by pain caused by muscle spasms, stretching exercise, physical therapy and rest can be of help. Hot fomentation can be beneficial as it improves blood circulation at the affected site and hastens healing.
  • If the cause is due to arthritis or trauma to the muscles, taking anti-inflammatory drugs along with physical therapy aids in the relieving the pain.
  • When infection process in the kidney or anywhere in the urinary tract is the chief reason for the flank pain, then antibiotic drugs should be taken. Along with this, consuming plenty or water and fluids helps in excreting toxins and to prevent buildup of kidney stones.
  • If the pain is caused by hepatitis or pancreatitis, stop drinking alcohol. Ensure that your diet is healthy and comprises of fruits, fresh vegetables and whole grains. This prevents constipation and also reduces the possibility of gas formation, which may also contribute to the occasional right flank pain.

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