Fraxel Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks and Acne Scars

Those who are bothered by their stretch marks, melasma and acne scars need not be bothered by them anymore. Fraxel laser treatments are available to correct or erase these skin problems for good. Also, the treatment is far safer than other laser treatment procedures to correct these problems.

Fraxel Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

  • Stretch marks can be unsightly, especially when located in areas that might be glimpsed by others.
    Naturally, people who have them would rather hide these ugly marks. Better yet, they want them erased permanently.
  • Well, that is not a problem anymore. Patients can enjoy the benefits of Fraxel lasers in getting their stretch marks erased.
  • The device will produce columns of laser light that are used to accurately target the areas that must be removed. There is no danger to surrounding skin because these columns of laser light are so thin that they are not even visible to the naked eye.
  • As the columns of light hit the scars, the dead skin cells are broken down. When this happens, the skin is allowed to regenerate new skin to replace the dead skin cells.

Fraxel Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

  • Like in the treatment of stretch marks, Fraxel erases acne scars in the same process.
  • Columns of laser light will be directed unto the acne scars. Because many of these will run deep, the columns will try to reach down as far as possible into the skin layers to correct the problem.
  • The acne scars will be broken down. Soon, the body will naturally regenerate new skin cells to replace those destroyed.
  • As the treatment sessions progress, the top layer is removed and replaced by the lower, newer skin.
  • This treatment procedure is so precise that only the targeted portions are hit, with no danger to the surrounding skin and tissues. The scars will be erased in time, allowing rejuvenation and resurfacing of new, scar-free skin.

Fraxel Laser Treatment for Melasma

  • Melasma can also be very unsightly, especially if it occurs in highly visible skin areas such as at the face.
  • Well, like in the treatments above, Fraxel lasers can be used to erase these problems.
  • The dark spots are targeted and destroyed, promoting resurfacing of new skin.
  • Because the technology is very precise and effective, even the tiniest areas with melasma can be treated without damaging surrounding skin.

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