How to Get Rid of Body Numbness and Identifying Its Causes

Body Numbness

  • One of the most common causes of body numbness is prolonged sitting.
  • However, body numbness can also be caused by more serious health problems, which in turn cause various sensations and nervous system symptoms.
  • Although this can happen in any body part, this often occurs in the legs, arms, hands and fingers of a person.

What Causes Body Numbness

  • Prolonged standing and sitting is the most frequent cause, although not a serious concern.
  • Damage to a particular nerve causes the body part connected to that nerve to experience numbness and feeling of sensation.
  • Infections such as herpes zoster or shingles can bring numbness symptoms.
  • Slip disk and other conditions causing pressure to the spinal nerve causes body numbness.
  • Conditions like infection, tumor growth and dilated blood vessel causes pressure to the peripheral nerve and leads to numbness to affected areas.
  • When no blood circulation occurs in a particular body part, numbness can also be felt.
  • People suffering from peripheral neuropathy problems can experience numbness, especially when sleeping.
  • Health conditions like thyroid problems, multiple sclerosis and diabetes cause tingling and numbness in the body.
  • Insufficient B vitamins in the body, especially Vitamin B12 can be a reason for body numbness.
  • Injuries to the nerves due to alcohol intake, tobacco use and lead inhalation result to body tingling and numbness.

How to Get Rid of Body Numbness

  • In order to treat body numbness, it is best to consult a medical specialist. First off, the reason for the occurrence of this has to be established. Health history has to be studied to determine the cause and other underlying factors. Various tests can also be done to pinpoint the precise cause of such. Thus, proper diagnosis is essential to the accurate treatment of numbness in the body.
  • Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, the medical practitioner shall suggest a mode of treatment for the affected body area or the entire body numbness itself.
  • If this is due to inadequate vitamins in the body, the doctor shall recommend intake of vitamin supplements.
  • Diabetic patients experiencing symptoms of body numbness have to manage the glucose levels in their blood. Fluctuating sugar levels in the blood of people suffering from diabetes is the usual cause of body numbness.
  • Since some medications have numbness side effects. To deal with this, use of such medication has to be stopped.

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