Causes Of Heart Palpitations When Lying Down On Left Side

Palpitation is the abnormal beating of the heart. This commonly occurs to people with heart problems however, this may be felt by others with no diagnosis of any heart disease. These palpitations may be in the form of an extra beat or more beats that last for long periods of time.

Sometimes this is felt when one is stressed, in panic, anxious or afraid.

Palpitations are sometimes ignored by many but others extremely worry about it. Though the vast majority of palpitations are not related to heart illness, still it is better when one should consult a doctor about it.

Series of tests may be undertaken to determine what causes one’s irregular heartbeats. These abnormal beats are usually felt on the chest, throat, or neck.

Some people may feel unusual increased in heartbeats for only a certain time but others may feel it often, after eating, or when lying down.

Causes Of Heart Palpitations When Lying Down

Here are some common causes that are related with sensation of palpitation in the heart,

  • One of the most causes of palpitations is caffeine.
    Caffeine is known to increase the metabolic rate of the body therefore increasing the person’s heartbeat. Too much intake of coffee will likely bring an abnormal heart rhythm.
  • Another cause of irregular heartbeat is smoking. Cigarette contains nicotine which is also known as stimulant. Stimulants cause heart to beat fast so people who smoke often have the high chance of experiencing abnormal heartbeat.
  • Stress, anxiety, panic and fear also cause palpitations. This is a normal body reaction when a person is exposed to stressful environment. Automatically the metabolic rate rises hence causing the heart to beat fast.
  • Heart disease is one cause why people experience palpitations. When one is diagnosed with heart illness such as congestive heart failure, this is felt more frequently as the heart has a defect already. Valuvular heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias and myocardial infarction can also result in abnormal palpitation of the heart.

Heart Palpitations When Lying Down On Left Side

Some individuals are having palpitations complaints especially when they are lying down on their left side. There are some reasons that explain why people experience this and these are discussed below.

  • When a person feels tired and wants to lie down, the body wants to slow down but then lying down changes the demands of the heart abruptly. Especially when one has laid down on his left, the tendency is that the heart will be placed closer to the proximity which causes physical contact between the heart and the chest. Since the heart is easily irritated by only a simple touch, this would beat fast.
  • Another reason is that when one lies on his left side, the stomach, left lobe of the lung and the heart are compressed. The right vagus nerve will extend upward which cause the rise in heartbeat.
  • Lying down immediately after a meal can also result in palpitations in the heart. After meal the demand for blood circulation increases and as one lies down, one may experience some form of palpitation.

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