What Causes Heart to Skip Beats and How To Stop Skipping Beat?

Heart Skipping Beats

Heart skipping beats or palpitations are generally risk-free and characterized by fast, throbbing and skipping sensations. In unusual cases, however, these can be an indication of a severe cardiac problem like arrhythmia. Palpitations can be described as quicker than normal beats, pounding sensation, skipped beats or a sense of fluttering beats.

Symptoms of skipping heartbeats can occur at any time, regardless of the physical state of an individual. Whether a person is resting or engaging in an activity, he can experience palpitations at any time. These can also arise even when an individual is simply lying in bed, walking or sitting. Once these have been accompanied by dizziness, breathing difficulties, fainting, and aching chest, immediate medical assistance has to be called.

Heart Skipping Beats Causes

There are a number of reasons as to why a person experiences skipping heart beats or palpitations.

  • Too much anxiety and stress lead to intense emotional reaction which causes the heart to pump irregularly.

  • Rapid and skipping heart beat can also be due to intake of substance containing nicotine and caffeine.

  • The period when a woman experiences hormonal changes such as when pregnant, menstruating or undergoing menopause, various symptoms including heart palpitation can be felt.

  • Among the side effects of certain drugs and medications are palpitations.

  • Another cause of this is hyperthyroidism or the production of thyroid hormones in excessive amounts.

  • Heart problems such as atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia cause irregular and at times rapid heartbeats.

How to Stop your Heart from Skipping Beats

The following are healthy practices and techniques to alleviate skipping heartbeats.

  • Limit intake of unhealthy drinks – By minimizing or avoiding intake of alcoholic drinks and beverages containing caffeine, a person can avoid acquiring symptoms of palpitations.

  • Cessation from smoking – Smoking tobacco is the chief cause of day time heart skip beats. Hence, to avoid experiencing such, quitting smoking would be a big help.

  • Effective stress management – Stress is a great contributory factor of several health conditions including heart palpitations. So, stress has to be controlled to minimize occurrence of palpitations. Doing breathing and relaxation exercises and having enough rest and sleep daily can give relief.

  • Discontinue or limit intake of certain medications – Prescription drugs to treat asthma, depression and high blood pressure have a palpitation side effect. Decreasing its dosage can also reduce the intensity and incidence of palpitations.

  • Have a balanced diet – Having a diet that lacks the necessary nutrients and minerals in the body, especially potassium, magnesium and calcium can have an effect on the heart. As a result, palpitation occurs. Therefore a nutritious and healthy diet aid in stopping heart palpitations.

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