Is Natural Treatment Effective for Hepatitis B and Its Symptoms

Hepatitis B Symptoms

Hepatitis means an inflammation of the liver. The inflammation can be caused by alcohol or a virus. There are 350 million individuals worldwide infected with the HBV virus. Due to this viral infection, an overwhelming death rate of 620,000 occurs each year. Centers for Disease Control reported that there are 46,000 new cases of Hepatitis B in 2006 in the United States of America alone.

In America, the rates of new infections have become very high among individuals aged 25 and 44, and low among individuals 15 years old and below. Hepatitis B can be transmitted through the following:

  • Sexual transmission

  • Illicit drug use

  • Exposure to infected blood

Generally, when a person is infected with the Hepatitis B Virus, the infection can get acute. Mostly, patients with acute hepatitis B infection are able to kill the virus. However, there are those who are not able to get rid of the virus and their infection becomes chronic. In the United States, the chronic cases of Hepatitis B reach 800,000.

At the early stage, hepatitis B is unnoticeable because the virus does not immediately manifest the signs or symptoms.

It is until the infection reaches its 12-week period that symptoms come out that makes the patient experience:

  • Fatigue and weakness

  • Jaundice or yellowing of skin and eyes

  • Loss of appetite

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Dark-colored urine

  • Pain in the joint areas

  • Abdominal pain particularly around the liver area

Natural Treatment and Remedies for Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B Virus is transmitted also by needle sharing. It can also be transmitted from a pregnant woman to the baby inside the womb. Individuals who are more vulnerable to getting such infection include:

  • People who travel to places where infections are notably high

  • People who have been diagnosed to have sexually transmitted disease

  • People who have received blood transfusions

  • People who have multiple sexual partners

The best Treatment for Hepatitis B Infection is Prevention. Preventive Measures Include:

  • Exercise extreme caution in getting blood samples or products from other countries

  • Use sterile needles for tattooing or using drugs

  • Determine the health status of one’s partner

  • Always practice safe sex

Meanwhile, Natural Remedies Include:

  • Avoid alcohol

  • Avoid smoking

  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits

  • Stop eating meat and cheese

  • Take plenty of rest

  • Drink buttermilk only

  • Avoid food products that use sugar, cheese, and white flour.

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